Join our new contest to become part of the new video branded Colnago and X-Bionic®!

We understand how difficoult it can be to stay home and keep yourselves busy and, above all, to find something to do for the little ones who are forced to stay at home.
We like to play again with you, that’s why we offer you a solution for small creatives but also the older ones. To do this, our partners Colnago and X-Bionic® have cooperated for the realization of 5 drawings of their top range products that can be downloaded and customized by you and your children!
Color the Colnago of your dreams or create your X-Bionic® superhero by downloading our images clicking here and choose your favorite ones! Print them, color them, put your information above and you’re done!
Share your creations with us and take part in our new video! We will share it on the our website and on our social pages Facebook and Instagram!
Don’t miss the opportunity and take part in this fantastic initiative, together we can make this gray period a little more colorful all together, old and little ones!

1. Download our 5 drawings from this link;
2. Print your favorite ones;
3. Color the Colnago of your dreams or create your own X-Bionic® superhero disguise;
4. Fill in the data fields above;
5. Share your work with us by sending an e-mail or a private message on our social networks no later than 20/04/2020;
6. Take part in the video that will be shared on all our socials on 04/26/2020

Stay home today, ride together on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th October 2020!

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Stay Tuned!

CCF2020 O.C.