april 11th-12th-13th, 2025 Desenzano del Garda - bs - ITALY


Third Pearl of the Colnago Course: Padenghe

All the Granfondo Colnago cyclists know this town, because, coming out from the centre of Desenzano, after 15 kilometers, they pass through Padenghe, Soiano, Polpenazze and Puegnago, charming towns along the lake, surrounded by olive trees and vineyards. These first few kilometers are important for dividing the throng shaping it in little groups of riders, but also because the beautiful landscape that surrounds, takes the breath away … or are the first ascents to do this effect?

But Padenghe is more. Its ancient fortress, the lovely beaches, the Parish Church of St. Emiliano, situated on a small promontory overlooking the lake, are just exemples of the numerous beauties of this town.

About pleasures of the palate, these areas of Lake Garda are very famous for great Italian wines such as Claretto and Groppello.