11-12-13 APRILE 2025 | Desenzano del Garda



We wait for you on 2-3-4 october in Desenzano d/G in complete safety!

Are you ready?

Colnago Cycling Festival is just around the conrner, but we need to remember that for this year, to assure the complete safety, we need your cohoperation!

We ask you to stick to this little and important rules to assure the success of the event and for everyone’s safety:

  • obligation to wear a face mask in the secretary and to bring with you the self-certication covid-19, that you can download from our website and from Enduwithout which you won’t be able to get your bib and the race pack
  • obligation to wear a face mask in the starting grits and after the start until the group is no longer cohesive and created the safety conditions;
  • obligation to wear a face mask to access to the refreshment stations, where you will be demanded to keep social distancing. For having your water and packed products we ask you to get off your bike and wear a face mask;
  • obligation to wear a mask at the finishing line, avoiding to crowd;
  • obligation to wear a mask in the bike parking;
  • obligation to wear a mask at the end of the race and during the entire event and to keep social distancing of 1m minimum when you’ll get your lunch bag.

Take note that your body temperature will be checked before you enter into the secretary and at the starting grits.

You’ll be asked to igenize your hands and keep social distancing where it’s necessary.

Colnago Cycling Festival is ready to welcome you in complete safety!

We have been working in synergy with the institutions to let you have a magic and safe jurney. We ask you to respect these simple rules and everything will be alright!

Don’t forget to check your registration on Endu and complete it if irregular. Otherwise you’ll be excluded from the competition.

To read the full covid-19 regulation follow the link or visit our website and follow Colnago Cycling Festival on the social

Stay Tuned!

C.O. Colnago Cycling Festival