There only a little bit more than two months left before Colnago Cycling Festival 2020 edition, and we’re here to remember you some big news about the 2020 Edition of Colnago CF!

It is about the RACE PACK of the Colnago Cycling Festival 2020, which will contain a never produced and unique technical item: an X-BIONIC® t-shirt made in Dryarn®.

Great news for all the people that will take part in Colnago CF20: a unique creation, a mix of innovation, research and development, a garment studied in every detail by the X-BIONIC® developers, made in Dryarn® and signed by Colnago: a set of excellences, all collected in a single product.

On one hand, X-BIONIC®, leader for over twenty years in the world of functional underwear. The brand is specialized in the study and research of new technologies to achieve maximum performance, keeping in focus its only goal: to make the impossible possible. International patents also protect all All X-BIONIC® technologies, in order to make the designed garments unique and unrepeatable.

The X-BIONIC® rsearch team takes inspiration from nature and millions of years of evolution to create extraordinary products that enable optimal temperature control.


As in the case of RETINA®, an intelligent fabric processing system implemented in the Colnago CF20 t-shirt. Inspired by the ability of this important component of the eye to transmit the surrounding world to the brain in the highest resolution possible, RETINA® technology leads to the creation of a fabric with more detailed textures, an exact positioning of the fibers on the athlete’s body and greater firmness. A better definition of the structures offers a garment capable of improving thermoregulation, with a consequent increase in sports performance.

On other hand, Dryarn®, the lightest microfibre in the world. With Dryarn® it’s possible to produce the best performing technical garments, with  perfect wearability and breathability. Wearing Dryarn®, you practice sport with the best equipment: the cutting-edge technology of Dryarn® guarantees human body optimal conditions in terms of thermoregulation and comfort.

The union of these forces has produced a great technical item, which you can wear only by taking part in CCF 2020.

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Stay Tuned!

C.O. of CCF2020