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Mid – August Strava Challenge: an unexpected success

Mid – August Strava Challenge: an unexpected success

Yesterday ended the 1st edition of the Mid-August Strava Challenge, the challenge created by the Strava club of the Colnago Cycling Festival, which consisted of covering the greatest number of kilometers during the week of August. The challenge ended with the forceful victory in the final of Lorenzo Puccetti, who was able to travel 1,739.8 km in the week of mid August; behind him were Stefano Bina and Paolo Grazioli with 1,358.5 km and 1,216.2 km respectively. Puccetti showdown on the final day!

A challenge match calmly has inflamed in the last 70 hours where to play the final victory were three: Puccetti, Bina and Grazioli respectively have been changed several times the leadership being 24 hours from the end encased in 60 km. All with bated breath until the great attack by Puccetti that in the last 24 hours pedal for over 450 km winning the Challenge.

Congratulations mainly to these three athletes for the great tenacity and to all the other participants for having entertained us to follow them.

We have achieved success in this stratospheric week: at the Strava club, to which we invite you to register, we have reached 311 members within a few weeks; moreover, the Instagram and Facebook pages are constantly growing.

A success for which we feel obliged to thank all of you! Soon they will come out other important news to which the organizing committee is thinking to make you live an unforgettable experience. Stay connected on all our social networks to find out all the details.

See you soon,


The CO of the CCF