For those not yet subscribed to the Granfondo Colnago, April 1st is the time limit for getting personalized starting numbers. After this date it will not be possible in any way.
The Colnago Cycling Festival is once again confirmed as one of the most attended and appreciated cycling events worldwide thanks to the perfect combination of the wonders of Lake Garda and the international prestige of the Italian brand Colnago that made and makes the history of Cycling.
In order to front the increase of participants, the CCF Organisation has increased also the security system through the massive involvement of traffic police and the prefecture.
The cyclists can get the medical certification, by appointment, starting from Thursday, May 11th.
Below the complete program of the festival:

From April 1st to May 14th 2017 

COLNAGO CYCLING FESTIVAL “Windows” competition.

Friday 12th May 2017

8.00 am – final registrations for the Lake Garda Circuit Randonneur

8.00 am – Lake Garda Circuit Randonneur Validation

9.00 –9.30 am – Lake Garda Circuit Randonneur Group start

10.00 am – Expo Area opening

12.00 noon – Expected arrival time of first finishers of short Randonneur course

4.00 pm – Expected arrival time of first finishers of long Randonneur course

4.00 – 7.00 pm- Starting numbers  distribution

7.00 – 11.30 pm  – The “White Night” Festival of the Desenzano del Garda Cycling Festival

Saturday 13th May  2017

10.00 am – Expo Area opening

10.00 am – Media Room opening

From  2.00 to 7.00 pm – Starting numbers  distribution

4.30 pm – Kids Cup start

5.30 pm – Kids Cup award ceremony

8.30 pm – Dinner for Authorities and Guests

Sunday 14th May 2017

8.00 am -Expo Area opening

8.00 am – Hospitality Area opening

6.30 am – Starting line entry start

6.45 am – Authorities welcome the Media

7.00 am – Granfondo – Medio fondo – Garda Legend start

9.30 am – Expected arrival time – Garda Legend

10.30 am – Expected arrival time – Medio Fondo winner

12.00 noon – Expected arrival time – Granfondo winner

2.00 pm – Granfondo Colnago “Windows” competition award ceremony

2.00 pm – Competitive race course award ceremony