For the 5th Edition of the Colnago Marathon the games are still open, infact these days we are assigning the last 1000 race numbers.

Once you sign up, the registration will be controlled and placed in the entries list within 7 working days, so it is better to control if it is all right.

All those who have achieved results in the previous and will sign up within the first of March 2017 will access to MERIT section: first 100  men finishing the 2015-2016 Long race, first 100 men finishing the 2015-2016 Medium race, first 10 women finishing the 2015-2016 Long race, first 10 women finishing the 2016-2015 Medium race
Another important deadline is April 6th: the price of the registration is EUR 45,00 for all courses.
There are just 11 Gold race numbers available – the benefits are:
• starting number reserved from number 1 to 100 with sports champions guests
• Colnago Cycling Festival jersey
• customized race number with name/surname
• a place in the official presentation of Saturday, May 13th, 2017, with VIP guests and sports champions
For the combined Colnago Marathon+Bike Division Peschera del Garda Marathon, there are still 13 race numbers available.

At last please note if you want the starting number customized, you must sign up no later than the FIRST April 2017.