After the sold out of October and November registration days, 2000 Colnago Marathon starting numbers have been assigned.

Friday, January 13th, starting, as usual, at 9 p.m. 1000 starting numbers will be available to all those who still have not grabbed a race number in order to be part of one of the most popular and prestigious Italian cycling event in the world.

As in the previous openings, the steps to sign up are simple, just connect to the official website of the event, click the yellow button and follow the procedures required by the management system.

On the same platform you can subscribe to Randonee – Giro del Lago, – Friday, May 12th – to the Garda Legend and to the initiative “Chi corre solidale vince” the Colnago Cycling Festival Charity Program organized in collaboration with AIRC.


Last registration day: February 10th – 1000 race numbers.