april 11th-12th-13th, 2025 Desenzano del Garda - bs - ITALY


The second pearl of the Colnago Marathon Course: Lonato

You just touch it at the beginning of the Colnago race, when you go out Desenzano del Garda. We are talking about the Lido of Lonato!
Perhaps you don’t know that Lonato is a beautiful ancient town. Many cyclists know the Valtenesi bike path that links Lonato to Salò, a wonderful cycling path with panoramic views on lake Garda through woods and olive trees and vineyards hills.

Lonato is a medieval town, with its two castles, the Rocca and the Drugolo Castle, the Cathedral, dedicated to St. John the Baptist and characterized by a large dome and a splendid marble facade.

You can visit the archaeological site of Roman Furnaces dating back to the I-II century and the Casa del Podesta, a real “home library” which houses a collection of about 50,000 volumes and that is part of a monumental complex of extraordinary beauty.