Today the nutrition expert of Enervit  gives us an important tip in order to face the Colnago Long Distance climbs…

What will be the effect of facing a difficult climb, San Michele, right at the beginning, and what should athletes do to prepare for it?

To approach climbs with the right energy and still have energy at the end of the race, you need to start taking supplements in the first few hours of pedalling. This advice applies to both racing and training. This habit promotes consumption of exogenous energy (that is, energy from carbohydrate supplements) and fats while preserving reserves of glycogen – that is, the energy the organism possesses in the muscles and liver – for the most difficult parts of the route and for the last few kilometres of the race.
In this last part, it is also a good idea to rely on a liquid carbohydrate supplement such as Enervitene cheer-pack competition, which gives you more energy faster.