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Today we talk about nutrition, essential advices to face in the better way our competition. The expert is Enervit so read carefully the suggestions and make treasure of them, they will be useful to carry, perhaps successfully, your sports performance out.


– Do you have any particular suggestions for the diet of athletes participating in events such as the Colnago long distance event?

Diet is a key factor determining performance, just as important as training. It is essential to ensure that the body gets everything it needs at every meal and every snack. Breaking up consumption of nutrients – rather than concentrating them all in a single meal – improves absorption, makes you feel full and allows you to recover faster, optimising the results of training.
Carbohydrates are essential for providing a reserve of energy – glycogen- and should be ingested right after the end of the training session, as the body absorbs them best within the first half hour after physical activity. At the same time, you should consume a lean source of protein such as fish, chicken, turkey, yoghurt, or a soy-based food to provide the muscles with a sufficient quantity of amino acids to rebuild muscle fibre and help increase strength when required.
Fats are also very important for athletes, whose bodies require them. Choose “good” fats and limit those that can have harmful effects on the organism. My advice is to consume fats such as extra virgin olive oil with meals, and take daily omega-3 supplements, as these are “essential” fatty acids that the body requires. This means the body cannot produce them itself, but must necessarily obtain them from food and from refined supplementation.