11-12-13 APRILE 2025 | Desenzano del Garda

In saddle with Paolo Savoldelli

Today we have the pleasure to chat with Paolo Savoldelli, known by fans as the FALCO (Hawk), nickname forged on his extraordinary gifts of downhill racer, one of the strongest of all time.
Born in 1973, winner of the Giro d’Italia in 2002 and in 2005, one of our team since many years, Paolo has personally tested the courses of the Colnago Marathon, for this reason we want to know his opinion about it.
Paolo, which are the most significant peculiarities of the Colnago Marathon courses?
The Colnago Marathon is accessible to all, more or less prepared. The mileage is not impossible, and the climbs are pedaled, you can stay in group for several kilometers using the slipstream. The beautiful landscapes and the excellent condition of the road allow you to enjoy the competition.
What is the most important things to bring?
You must bring a tube with CO2 cartridge, a rainproof vest, although in recent editions the weather was great. Remember the feeding area that cover all the courses, so use them!
Speaking of the right spirit to face a sporting commitment like this, what are your advices?

The right spirit is always to have fun and aim to have a nice cycling day, sharing the experience with friends, old and new, but also to complete the chosen course, so do not overdo it, don’t be too exuberant and get the finish! Then, of course, it also takes the competitive spirit that lives in each of us, that same spirit that make you improve yourself, whenever overcome your limits, feeling satisfaction and pride in what you do.
Why the Colnago Marathon is so special?
If you have visited the Garda Lake, the answer is obvious. It seems to ride in a postcard, the colors of the lake, the gentle hills covered by vineyards, the mountains around you, the ancient villages. Let’s say that the variety and beauty of the landscapes are by themselves a good reason not to miss this unique event.
What is the best memory related to your professional career (1996-2008) as athlete and man?
Memories are so many, Tour de France in 1996, my first year as a pro, was so hard day after day, it was so difficult to get to Paris, I had to overcome my abilities. So much suffering on the one hand, but a great final satisfaction, especially as a man, not only as an athlete.
Then I remember vividly the incident of Tenerife in 2003, physically two years of sacrifices that seemed to have no end, but even this hard experience has served to become stronger and to appreciate what I have