It was a handshake dated back to July 2018, that initiated this collaboration: in Germany, at Eurobike, Cavalier Colnago, founder of the homonymous company met Prof. Bodo W. Lambertz, creator and owner of X-BIONIC®, and here the spark was immediately triggered.

This collaboration was born from the spirit and the common goals that characterize these two great brands: desire for innovation, constant drive to improvement, intention to optimize sports performance of those who choose excellence.

On the one hand Ernesto Colnago, an icon of world cycling, who is still an innovator capable of giving life to spectacular two-wheeled creatures; on the other hand, Prof. W. Lambertz, the man who managed to raise the bar of technical sportswear, creating products with incredible performances and high quality, which make X-BIONIC® a brand always projected into the future.

Two precursors in their fields, linked by the common innovative nature, have decided to join forces and very soon we will know what this collaboration has given us!

Waiting to find out more, we invite you to visit the X-BIONIC® and Colnago Cycling Festival sites!

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Stay tuned!

C.O. of CCF