8a Edition RANDONNÉE


Friday 17 September 2021, @Garda Lake, Desenzano del Garda (BS)




€ 45,00


“Garda Lake Tour”

300 bib numbers

registration for Randonnée – Garda Lake Tour
+ daily license and insurance

€ 90,00


100 bib numbers

registration for Randonnée “Garda Lake Tour”
+ registration for Granfondo Colnago/Marathon
+ daily license and insurance


Friday  September 17 2021, from 8.00 A.M.

At Palazzo Todeschini, in Piazza Malvezzi, Desenzano del Garda (BS), Italy.



Friday September 17 2021, from 9.00 to 9.30 A.M.

From Lakefront Cesare Battisti, in Piazza Matteotti.




All foreigner athletes have to have a medical certificate for competitive cycling events. You can download a module for medical certification from the link above: this module has to be printed and signed by a doctor and you have to upload it on my.colnagocyclingfestival.


Art. 1

Any cyclist may take part in the Randonneur Circuit provided he/she is in possession of a regular membership card issued by an Amateur Sports Association governed by an Institution or Federation and civil liability insurance through his/her Amateur Sports Association.

Art. 2

The Randonneur is open to all those who have reached the age of 18 and are not above the age of 70 on the day of the Brevet Randonneur.

Art. 3

Before the start, the cyclist must accept without any reservations the rules contained in these Regulations by signing the appropriate form with a legible signature. Declaration of liability prepared by the organisation (Download Disclaimer Form).

Art. 4

All types of chain bicycles are permitted provided only muscle strength is used to action them.

Art. 5

During the Randonneur, every participant must:

a) Consider themselves to be on a personal excursion.

b) Comply with and respect the rules of the road and all official road signs.

c) Use the marked cycle tracks.

d) Wear a hard helmet.

e) The roads cycled and crossed will not be manned by the organisation.

f) In no case will the organisation be held responsible for any accidents which occur during the Randonneur.

Art. 6

For night cycling or in cases when visibility is not sufficient and satisfactory (atmospheric conditions, fog, rain, tunnels, etc.), your bike must have front and rear lighting systems which are well-secured and operating constantly. Every cyclist must activate the lighting system at night or when darkness approaches, and at all times when visibility is not satisfactory, and must also ensure that the lighting system is working perfectly.

Every cyclist must also wear reflecting clothing and accessories at night and whenever visibility is not sufficient. The organisation will not allow any cyclist whose lighting system is not working or whose reflecting clothing and accessories are not worn and/or compliant with the requirements to start.

Art. 7

Any breach of arts. 5 and 6 of these regulations leads to the exclusion of the cyclist from the Brevet Randonneur.

Art. 8

Every cyclist must personally do what is required to complete the Brevet Randonneur and may only receive assistance at the check points set up by the organisation and indicated in the race map.

Art. 9

At the start, every cyclist receives a race map indicating the itinerary and check points. At the check points, you must have this race map checked so that it is validated. Non-validation or loss of the race map or presentation of an illegible race map leads to the exclusion of the cyclist from the Brevet. Cyclists are obliged to take good care of the race map to ensure it is legible.

Art. 10

The race map is validated at the check point indicated on the race map by organisation personnel or by special validation personnel.

Art. 11

The times indicated on the race map and road book indicate the times of the start and end of the checks which the cyclists must comply with. The cyclists must pass these check points at the times indicated; this regulation is è OBLIGATORY.

The times for accessing the check points are as follows:


START AND FINISH Desenzano del Garda

(Check points here) Road book Short version (PDF) e Road Book Long version (PDF)

The check at the destination point will not start before 14.00.

If a cyclist cannot identify the check point, passing the point indicated may be justified by attaching and presenting a tax receipt which indicates the country, the date and the time of passing.

Art. 12

At the finish, the cyclists must present the race map complete with all validations to the organisation personnel so that it can be certified.

Art. 13

The Brevet Randonneur is not a competition and there will be no classifications or prizes awarded.

Art. 14

At the end of the Brevet Randonneur, the organisation will draw up a list of the certified cyclists with an indication of the times and will present this list to ARI (Audax Randonneur Italia).

Art. 15

Any claims by cyclists may be expressed in written form only within 12 hours of the end of the Brevet, sending them to the organisation who will examine them and send an opinion to ARI before any decision is made.

Art. 16

The Lake Garda Circuit Randonneur Organisation and ARI will deal with any such cases without the right for any appeal.




In any case, for any situation not covered by these Regulations, reference will be made to the ARI Brevet Regulations (Download ARI Regulations).