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How can I register myself into a Colnago Cycling Festival event?

You have to go to my.colnagocyclingfestival.com and here you have to do the log-in. Then you have to put in your personal datas and choose your cycling race or type of registration. After the confirmation, you have to pay, by bank transfer or credit card, in 5 working days. The registration will be confirmed only after the payment. This procedure will be available until the 4.000 bib numbers won’t be sold out.

If I'm not part of a team and I don't have any UCI card, how can I take part to the Colnago Cycling Festival events?

You must be in possession of a competitive sports medical certificate for “Cycling Activity” and you must upload it to your registration.

Why is my registration not regular?

Probably you didn’t upload your medical certificate.

If this is not your case, contact us and we will try to understand where the problem is. 

If I want to register myself to the Granfondo Colnago, have I to choose the route during the registration?

No, you can choose the route during the race. The start will be at the same time for all the routes. 

When can I know my bib number?

The bib number will be visible in 11 work days from the registration. 

How can I have the personalized bib number with my name and surname?

It will be possible to have the bib number with your name and surname by registering and regularizing the registration by 10 January 2020. 

After the registration and payment, how long does it take for me to see myself among the registered?

The registration will be checked and approved in 7 working days.

Will there be bathrooms and showers? Where will these be?

Yes, there will be bathrooms and showers for Granfondo Colnago. They will be near Bagatta High School.

Are there hotel or other accommodations affiliated with the Colnago Cycling Festival?

Yes, you can find them here → HOSPITALITY.